and Wafer



There are few things in the world as simple as sand, and perhaps none as complex as computer chips. Yet the simple element of silicon in sand is the starting point for making the integrated circuits that power everything today, from supercomputers to communications satellites to mobile phones.


A semiconductor fabrication plant (commonly called a fab or sometimes foundry) is a plant where devices such as integrated circuits are manufactured. Turning sand into tiny devices with millions of components is an extraordinary feat of science and engineering and requires intimate knowledge of etching and wafer cleaning processes, design of cleanrooms, ultra-pure water, chemical dispense, chemical slurry, life safety and toxic gas monitoring systems.


For more than 25 years, PrimusTech has been involved in the design and implementation of Intelligent Facility Management Systems (IFMS) and Process Control Systems for many semiconductor and wafer fabrications plants in Singapore and the region.

Our semiconductor and other industrial track record include:


  • San-chih Semiconductor (Taiwan)
  • Formusa Komatsu Silicon Fab 1(Taiwan)
  • NingBo HuaWu Electronic LTD (China)
  • Tech Phase II Control System, RO DI Water System (Singapore)
  • Tech 10K/11K/12 K Expansion (Singapore)
  • Chartered Semiconductor (Singapore)
  • CSM Fab2, Fab3 & Fab4 (Singapore)
  • First Silicon Semiconductor (Malaysia)
  • Merck – F17 & Phase 2 Expansion (Singapore)
  • Tech CMP / CDM (Singapore)
  • Wacker Siltronic Wafer Fab (Singapore)
  • Advanced Micro Devices (Singapore)
  • Toshiba Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Factory (Singapore)
  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (Singapore)
  • Silterra Wafer Fab (Kulim, Malaysia)
  • Agilent Technology Epitaxial Facility (Singapore)
  • Tech A&A Works (Singapore)
  • UMCi & Fab 10 Expansion (Singapore)
  • Seagate Woodlands – C101 Phase 1,2, 3 & 4 (Singapore)
  • SSMC Expansion 31K, 45K Wafer Fab (Singapore)
  • Micron (Singapore)
  • IMFS (IM Flash Singapore) Fab 10 (Singapore)
  • Seagate (Senai, Malaysia)
  • Seagate W3 Control System & RO/DI (Singapore)
  • MSD Facilities Management System & Lab Controls (Singapore)
  • Micron Fab 10 (Singapore)
  • Cleantech Park II (Singapore)