The IoT (Internet of Things) is a suite of technologies and appli­cations that equip devices and locations to generate all kinds of information and to connect those devices and locations for instant data analysis and, ideally, “smart” action. Conceptually, IoT utilises the Internet backbone to communicate data.


Facilities owners will derive tremendous value to understand how various types of sensors can track features such as:


  • Motion
  • Pressure
  • Airflow
  • Light
  • Energy
  • Temperature
  • Air pollution level
  • Water, fluid flow
  • Heat transfer fouling


and then enable the BMS to autonomously sense, communicate, analyse, and act or react to people or other machines in a non-intrusive manner.


PrimusTech offers various customisable and scalable solutions to deploy IoT and LBS (Location-based System) to create a pervasive digital nervous system. Location data collected from GPS (Global Positioning System) sensors such as cameras and phones serve as ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ along

with other sensory organs that can measure everything from temperature, odour to air pollution level changes, could reshape every aspect of our lives.


Data generated from the multitude of sensors can be used by owners, managers and operators for a new paradigm of facility management with greater awareness and insight to significantly reduce costs and improve performance. Today’s data, properly organized and harnessed, can show aspects of a building portfolio that facility managers could never see before. This dramatic change in visibility empowers the facility manager to make better decisions based on more accurate and timely information. These decisions will end up optimizing an organisation’s operational processes, asset utilisation, extending useful life of high investment assets, all of which translate to cost savings and lower carbon footprint on a significant scale.


Facility managers are certain to unmask and discover new correlations of events by more powerful and measurable associations. The expanded view provided by new data reveals a completely different understanding of how buildings are working—or not working—with new awareness into the origins of issues and problems, enabling new knowledge that leads to improved operational methods and design standards.

Making the most of an enterprise’s energy by improving the efficiency, comfort and financial well-being is what we are adept at doing at PrimusTech. With our proprietary software system — Sirius+ — we can convert data into actionable intelligence, allowing facility managers to identify and prioritize cost-saving opportunities and mechanical system inefficiencies while reducing facility operating costs over time by targeting maintenance efforts.


Integrated at the cloud and web levels, our software:


  • Is an automated system-based diagnostics that identifies faults, inefficiencies and system degradation with recommendations for improvement.
  • Is a cross-platform data integration which continuously drives action and tracks performance over time.
  • Consolidates information from multiple BMS, buildings and clients.
  • Captures data from building systems and is sent to our cloud-based data storage.
  • Uses artificial intelligence via our advanced analytics engine to process building data to continuously monitor and diagnose facility performance by:
    • identifying equipment and system faults
    • sequence of operation improvements
    • system trends and
    • energy usage data and trends.


Alarm conditions will trigger automatically, allowing facility managers to better organize resources for quicker, more efficient repairs and commissioning services.