As a Master Systems Integrator, PrimusTech works with facility owners and building consultants to design and implement smart building facilities. We embrace the use of open systems which allow a single infrastructure to reach  every aspect of a facility. This brings advantages of reduced up-front construction costs, lower life-cycle costs, improved system management, enhanced back-office reporting, better service and proactive maintenance.


Open platform systems  allow integration and interchangeability which makes the upkeep of a facility’s system much more budget-friendly than proprietary systems. Primustech has been deeply involved in the implementation of open systems for many years and our clients have realized the following benefits :


  • Reduction of long term operating costs through single network
  • Flexibility in a network infrastructure that can be tailored to meet future occupant demands
  • Avoidance of single proprietary solutions being procured with long term client ‘lock-in’
  • Ability to select sub system with best of breed solutions

PrimusTech is one of the Asia’s most proficient and experienced master systems integrators. What differentiate us from the rest is our in-house multi-disciplinary skills in several areas – controls, instrumentation, M&E, IT, network, visualization, software application and data management. We are adept in bringing together different component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that the subsystems function well together to increase  a building’s operational value.