Steril-Aire UVC Emitters

Steril-Aire is the unrivalled global leader in high-output ultraviolet germicidal solutions for improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency.  Installed in new or existing air-conditioning systems, Steril-Aire’s UVC Emitter® germicidal lamps keep cooling coils and drain pans clean, reducing energy consumption and costly cleaning programs.


Using the proven power of germicidal UVC energy as an effective inactivation method for microorganisms, Steril-Aire UVC Emitters improve indoor environmental hygiene, making a vital contribution to indoor air quality, building occupant health and productivity.

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Destruction of microorganism’s DNA by UVC

Picture Source :  Fayetteville State University.

UVC irradiation kills a broad range of microbes including bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms. It destroys bonds in a micro-organism’s DNA, causing mutations that interfere with their normal growth and reproductive abilities.


From reducing energy consumption and controlling costs, to optimizing human and mechanical productivity, UVC solutions from Steril-Aire pay measurable dividends to your bottom line.


  • Savings of up to 15% in energy costs
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Minimizes cross-infection within buildings and hospitals
  • Reduces water use
  • Cuts maintenance costs
  • Optimizes air-conditioning system performance
  • Extends food shelf life and quality

Elimination of pathogen amplifier, reservoir and transport mode.

Steril-Aire UVC system installed in Muskogee Hospital operating theatres.

Steril-Aire is one of the most effective UVC sterilization systems in the world. Its credentials include:


  • Independently tested by the USA government agency EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) against the destruction of microorganisms.
  • Protecting human from the embryonic stage to the sick-elderly recuperating in hospitals.
  • Used in vital critical facilities:
  • Protecting research scientists against harmful pathogens in bio-medical research labs (e.g. Singapore’s Biopolis Biomedical Research Hub).
  • Protecting patients undergoing critical operation in very clean sterile environment (e.g. Open heart surgery in the new Singapore Heart Centre).
  • Protecting priceless historic drawings (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci’s Atlantic Codec Exhibit in Milan’s Ambrosiana Library).
  • Certified by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) as a green sustainable product with a 3-tick (Excellent) rating.