Lifetime Care for Your Building Facilities


PrimusTech’s  wealth of experience, derived from operating within highly demanding and critical process environments such as wafer fab, water treatment and the healthcare industry, enables our teams to remain at the forefront of best practice in facilities maintenance delivery.


We also believe that it is the way that we do things – attention to detail, consistency, technical proficiency, good communication and the personal touch – that makes a huge difference. With flexibility and the highest level of customer care at the centre of our service approach, we have the capability to respond to the needs of our clients by enabling them to focus on their core business activities.


PrimusTech’s planned maintenance programmes help to identify energy savings opportunities, reduce future repair costs, extend asset life, ensure productive environments, and improve environmental health and safety. Our maintenance strategies combine reactive, planned and predictive service support with deployment of advanced data analytics to help our customers achieve operational excellence.